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Xanza (Alexandra Nicholas) is an alt-electro-pop singer and songwriter from Sydney. Her music shifts from smooth feel good bops to dark moody offerings. Her dreamy vocals and unique lyrics are brought to life by sound designer, producer and musician Elina Godwin. Elina combines classical strings, contemporary electronic production methods and performs on an electronic viola with embedded midi buttons that she designed and built herself.
Production House: Mica Studios  |  Director @stephenson.will, Producer Edward Watson, AD @bluefox_films, DOP @davidlongdave, 1st AC @michaelleungfilms, Grip @s.a.s.h.gordon, Colour Grade @davidlongdave  |

Performers: Xanza (vocals) & Elina Godwin (viola)
Tracks: "Come Home" & "MTF Ocean" (both Originals)
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New Release: "Gone Before Christmas"
Releasing 1st December 2023

A little Christmas song about a long year and a love that has come and gone.
WAV Download HERE

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Come Home
Released 17th May 2023

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Xanza returns with a new single "Come Home" after a 4 year hiatus. It is a love song written while waiting for a lover to return home. It can be interpreted either literally or as a metaphor for someone not being completely present in the relationship - "And though we're apart, I'll keep my word and still be here."

This was written and produced in a bedroom studio, along with 8 other tracks set to release across 2023. A music video showcasing this single will be released late April ahead of the streaming release date in May. 


This single has been performed by the pair multiple times over the last 6 months and their next live performance is on June 7th 2023 at the Art Gallery of NSW.


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Released June 7th 2023

This track is about finding peace whilst feeling unsure about what you are doing and where you are going. The main language is English, however the song features a phrase in Mandarin "Wǒ bù zhīdào" which translates to "I don't know". This song is Xanza's second single release for 2023.
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Upcoming Performances

Art Gallery of NSW (Sydney, Australia)
6:30pm, December 6th 2023
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Past Successes

Notable past successes include Xanza's 2018 debut track "Stars Like Us" which received an honourable mention in the 2019 International Song Competition. This track also received international radio play, and was featured on the H&M worldwide store playlist as well as various retailer playlists around Australia such as Woolworths.

Good Intent described the debut track, "feelgood smooth tones, with Xanza's angelic voice floating like whisps of cloud across the top. That is, until the tropical rains arrive and you're dancing naked in a forest (doesn't sound too bad, huh?)".


"In a world saturated with indie-pop, Xanza's clean production and heartfelt lyrics make her stand out from the rest"- Indie Shuffle

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