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RIPE - Sound Design for Theatre

How much fun this project was! And what a great team! I designed both sound and composed music for RIPE which was performed at both Sydney & Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

The most interesting aspect of this project was definitely the way various team members bounced off each other's creative inputs. For example, the sound was written according to the actors' interpretation of their lines, and then on the same token the sound and music would directly influence these interpretations.

The sound FX and textural soundscapes were mixed live for every show. This allowed freedom for the sound to work with the actors as their timing of lines and movement on stage would vary slightly between performances.

Some kind words from Sydney Arts Guide -

With regard to technical aspects, currently the play is good Fringe fare. The show is off to Melbourne next. It’s flexible, can be bare, can be lights on and off but is given robustness and grounding by the audio, by Elina Godwin. Well sourced effects, well placed and not intrusive. And the undercurrent soundscapes to complement the memoryscape as the play builds to a climax were particularly emotive.

Full review HERE

A selection of textures from RIPE below:

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