I produced a short piece for FBi Radio's program All The Best.

‘For the love of horses’ by Elina Godwin
A day in the life of a track rider, behind the glitz and glam of race day. Tessa is both a Clerk Of The Course on race days and a morning track-rider at Randwick Racecourse. This piece is about the hard mornings, the difficulties faced at this job and most importantly a love for horses.

Supervising Producer: Britta Jorgensen

Music composed by Elina Godwin

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How much fun this project was! And what a great team! I designed both sound and composed music for RIPE which was performed at both Sydney & Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

The most interesting aspect of this project was definitely the way various team members bounced off each other's creative inputs. For example, the sound was written according to the actors' interpretation of their lines, and then on the same token the sound and music would directly influence these interpretations.

The sound FX and textural soundscapes were mixed live for every show. This allowed freedom for the sound to work with the actors as their timing of lines and movement on stage would vary slightly between performances.

Some kind words from Sydney Arts Guide -

With regard to technical aspects, currently the play is good Fringe fare. The show is off to Melbourne next. It’s flexible, can be bare, can be lights on and off but is given robustness and grounding by the audio, by Elina Godwin. Well sourced effects, well placed and not intrusive. And the undercurrent soundscapes to complement the memoryscape as the play builds to a climax were particularly emotive.

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A selection of textures from RIPE below:

The piece explores the themes that litter the world of fake news, i.e. truth, lies, conspiracies, knowns and unknowns. The narrative structure (a space journey) is a metaphor for how human society navigates through these themes every day. The different galaxies that the spacecraft flies through are a metaphor for the different “filter bubbles” and “echo chambers” that many people get lost in. The use of Siri’s voice as the narrator is a metaphor for the robotic algorithms that guide us into these filter bubbles and echo chambers.

It is important to mention that the final galaxy, which the listener experiences after they are “ejected from the spacecraft” into the “unknown/s” is a reflection of how each of us is ultimately individually responsible for who and what we choose to believe. We may be guided to explore certain beliefs, however we all have the power to assess and choose. I hope that the piece brings exactly this thought to the listener’s mind – i.e. What and why have you chosen to believe what you have. The final sound of shattering glass should reinforce the idea of illusion in the listener’s mind. It may be confusing - you were on a space journey so shouldn’t it have landed? Maybe you forgot for a moment that sound also doesn’t exist in space. You are not necessarily left where you started if you investigate the truth.