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Elina Godwin
| Sound Designer | Music Producer | Live Engineer | Event Curator | 

Elina Godwin is a sound designer and music producer from Sydney who has worked across multiple areas of sound including theatre, radio, podcasts, music composition, performance and live engineering.

Elina combines classical strings, contemporary electronic production methods with innovative musical inventions to create undercurrent soundscapes, experimental composition and meaningful sound design.

Formal Qualifications: 

BSoundMusDesign BBus BComms(Hons)(UTS)

Performance Reel with Xanza
1st March 2023
Art Gallery of NSW
Next Performance:

Enjoy a live performance from alt-electro-pop singer and songwriter Xanza at the opening week for Sydney Modern Project. Xanza’s dreamy vocals and unique lyrics are brought to life by sound designer, producer and musician Elina Godwin’s classical strings and contemporary electronic production method. Guaranteed uplifting bops and moody undercurrents.


One Perfect Knee
Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park North

Words by Rowena Lennox | Sounds by Elina Godwin

"Approaching the Archibald from the south-east I was struck by winter sunshine glancing off two muscly male grey-bronze backs."

Sonic City is a nationwide initiative created by Spineless Wonders in collaboration with writers and sound designers aimed at activating public spaces with new and existing stories inspired by the local area.

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LINEA Project

New Music with a New Instrument

Gradually over the last couple of years I have developed a prototype instrument which combines a viola with midi drum pads and rotary knobs.

Whilst I work on the edition of prototype I have been concurrently writing new music, some of which will release later this year.

I've left a little teaser here.

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